Long Arm Quilting Machine
I have a 24” Nolting Pro model with a 14’ table allowing me to quilt anything from a small crib {or smaller} size quilt to a king or beyond. There is no computer attachment, all quilting is hand guided, by me. I do not pass out any projects to other quilters, as this is not only my business, but my reputation.

What Next?

You’ve got this top finished, but aren’t quite sure what to do next. Well, there are several options available to you.

Option 1

Sandwich the quilt batting and backing as follows:

  • Place the top wrong side down on the floor
  • Next put the backing fabric wrong side up on top of the quilt top making sure every part is covered with the backing
  • Last put the batting on top of everything, again making sure the batting covers the top
  • Now, pin around the edges, as this will be sewn almost all the way around, then turned so that you will now have your quilt top, then batting, then backing fabric with both the top and back fabric right sides out
  • Push the corners out, hand stitch or machine stitch the opening closed and then either tie the layers together using yarn, embroidery floss, or whatever is available, or pin the layers together and use your machine to quilt patterns or lines, etc.

Option 2

Sandwich the quilt top, batting and backing as follows:

  • Place the backing fabric right side down. Tape down with painters tape
  • Next place the batting
  • Last put the top on, making sure it is squared with the other pieces
  • Place pins every few inches to ensure that everything will remain in the same position
  • Roll or bundle assembled sandwich and quilt as desired on your domestic machine
  • When finished, square the edges, and put binding on.

Option 3

Send finished quilt top along with backing fabric to a long arm quilter to have it quilted with pantographs. These are repeating patterns that will be stitched from edge to edge. This is often called edge – to – edge when being referred to on web sites, or in person.

Option 4

Send finished quilt top along with backing fabric to a long arm quilter to have it custom quilted. This option allows you and the quilter to meet and discuss what your desired outcome is, and how to achieve that look without following a pattern. This is often done for show quilts, or for personal use by a long arm quilter.

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