90 inches wide – $9.00 /yard
108 inches wide – $11.00 /yard
NJ sales tax will be added to the final price

We currently have 3 different types of batting to choose from:

* Warm and Natural – this is a 100% natural colored cotton batting, 90 inches wide, medium loft.

* White Rose – this is a 100% pure white colored cotton batting, 90 or 102 inches wide, low loft at 1/8 of an inch.

* Eco – Craft – this is a white 50% PLA/50% cotton batting, 96 inches wide with a loft of approximately 1/4 of an inch.

PLA is a polymer made from lactic acid, which is a natural product. Lactic acid is made from fermentable sugars, sugars that are found in plants and more specifically corn

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